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Quiet Cool Fan Systems

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Quiet Cool Whole House Fans
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About Quiet Cool

Quiet Cool (QC) has been manufacturing powerful and quiet whole house fans for nearly 10 years. Traditional whole house fans move a large amount of air, but can create a lot of noise. This sparked the idea behind Quiet Cool's design, which is to provide a powerful fan with little-to-no noise pollution. Quiet Cool's fans have become known for providing the best ventilation solution for the entire home, and you can find Quiet Cool ventilation products at

Quiet Cool Product Information

QC Manufacturing QC2250 2285 CFM Whole House Exhaust Fan

Whole house fans are an alternate approach to heating and cooling a home. These fan systems commonly vent into the attic and are designed to draw cool outside air into the house and up into the attic to force the hot and stale air outside. These systems can significantly lower the temperature in a home very quickly and are much less expensive to operate than air conditioners. Quiet Cool whole house fans include insulated ducting, ceiling grille, and fan unit. This helps ensure quiet operation and is one of the many benefits you'll get with a Quiet Cool system.

Whole house fans are designed to operate with an open window and are an excellent companion to A/C systems. Use your whole house fan system in the morning to keep your home cool, then use your A/C system in the afternoon and early evenings. This is a great way to stay comfortable while saving money.

Quiet Cool also offers attic fans and various exhaust fans. Attic fans are designed to exhaust hot air that's trapped in your attic. This allows your A/C system to operate more efficiently since it doesn't have to work as hard to cool your home. Exhaust fans have a similar function except they don't require any venting or duct work.

QC Manufacturing IT-32020 Remote Control and Controller Base

Quiet Cool has a variety of controls and accessories to complement your whole house fan system. This allows you to schedule the operation of your Quiet Cool system. Accessories like damper kits, grilles, and ducting are great for replacing damaged parts or expanding your existing system.

Quiet Cool is always looking for ways to improve its line of fans. It's currently doing this by manufacturing energy-efficient fans. Combine this with their high-flow low-noise fan design and you'll have a highly efficient product with low-energy use. To improve your home's air comfort, consider Quiet Cool's line of whole house fans, attic fans, and exhaust fans at

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