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Room Fan Guide

Back in the day, fans designed to cool off a room sat on the ground, taking up a lot of space. They were heavy and not necessarily the safest products in the home, with their spinning blades not totally 100 percent protected. Today, we call them air circulators, and this new generation of air movement is a movement all its own.

Air circulators have taken on as many new looks as any other household product, and through the years they’ve become sleeker, more pleasing to the eye, and far more powerful. Floor fans, box fans, and pedestal fans are the most basic additions to any room, while window fans add the dimension of drawing in cooler air or exhausting warmer air. And table fans are still as portable as ever.

The most popular air circulator to the lineup has to be the ceiling fan. While its main job is to circulate air throughout a room, a ceiling fan can also be a primary or secondary light source and can double as functional art. Think we’re stretching the truth? Check out the single-blade Enigma ceiling fan from Fanimation.

Some air circulators have also been designed to remain in one place. Wall-mounted fans, ceiling-mounted fans, and I-beam mounted fans can all be installed in a strategically beneficial site to push air where you need it the most.

And of course, whole house fans are great to cool down the entire home during the early mornings or late evenings.


Do I really need an air circulator in my home?

Maybe not to cool things down, but proper air circulation in the home is an important factor in maintaining a cool and healthy environment.

Exactly what does a window fan do?

It’s a direct vent from the outside into your home. These powerful fans pull in fresh air from the outdoors and circulate it throughout the house.

How portable is a box fan?

They’re portable enough so that it’s safe to go virtually anywhere in the home.

Pedestal fans look like they might oscillate. Do they?

Yes, they do. This constant motion helps to keep a steady movement of air throughout a room.

What’s recommended for cooling down an entire house and not just a single room?

Whole house fans exhaust hot air out of the entire house. Some models vent hot air from inside the house and push it out of the attic. This reduction of temperature helps to keep rooms throughout the home down.