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    Bath Fan CFM Calculator

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    * Minimum suggested Bath Fan CFM

    Suggested CFM for the bathroom is based on cycling all the air in the bathroom 8 times per hour. The bath fan calculator is standard guide to help you find the minimum fan rating for your specific bathroom. The higher the bath fan rating the more air can be vented out of the bathroom, which means less moisture and mold build-up. Other options for bath fans include lights, heaters, and even humidity sensors. Continue shopping bath exhaust fans to find a right fan for your budget, size, and style.

    Bathroom Fan CFM Guide

    Making sure the bath fan is powerful enough for the bathroom, is important to minimizing moisture and mold. Below are examples of bath fan CFM ratings.

    Other factors: Consider a stronger bath fan if your bathroom includes any of the following: Whirlpool tub, steam shower, high humidity locations,  or if your bathroom is in a particularly cold climates. These factors and feature can produce excess moisture in the shower and bath.

    Bath fans low CFM

    50 CFM Fan

    Bath Fans 100 CFM

    100 CFM Fan

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    150 CFM Fan

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